Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Technology + Graffiti?

The Graffiti Research Laboratory have invented like true pioneers a laser/projector combination for graffiti-ers the world over. The rituals remain the same but less fumes means its 'greener' and no one has to clean it up, but still allows a chanel for the often imaginative and original art work.
Say bye bye to spray cans. Say hello urban communication for the 21st Century.

Visionaire 56 Solar Issue

The new issue of Visionaire Magazine takes advantage of our natural resources rather than the usual technology to make a really cool interactive magazine. Leading the way in using solar power in media forms, good for the world, fun for reader.
The entirely black and white issue busts into colour and life when viewed with direct sunlight.

Reminded me of those paint book from my childhood. when you put water on the page all the colours come out and paints itself. Time to bring those back, recession art, all you need is water.

Strawberry Swing

Coldplay's new video for Strawberry Swing. Nice to see some imagination once in a while especially of the childhood kind, every loves a superhero/chalk/ giant squirrels.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Feathers to Lace and all things nice

These two laydees are single handedly waging war on boring hair days. When what you have just WONT do.

Feathers, Sequins, Jems, Lace and Bow all come together in a glorious concoction for boring hair distraction and look at me fabulousness.

Even if your hair isnt bad these are too good.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Kelsy Genna

Kelsy Genna.

Designer from New Zealand making a name for herself via the means of Etsy. An amazing cocktail of polka dots, candy stripes, floral's, bows and lace. Her dresses are just the right amount of girlie charm perfect for tea parties or in my case, 21st birthdays.
The girl herself is just as charming as her dresses and is clearly dedicated to her business. She pay close attention to even the smallest detailing, right down to the brown paper packaging sprinkles with a large dose of confetti and a wand on the inside. Absolute Perfection.