Thursday, 7 January 2010

क्नित्तेद बी नन्स

merry new year.
hope everyone is just as fat and cold as I am, but no regrets. despite all the whining i do love the snow and all the fun stuff that comes with it. regrettably however I have a small thing called a dissertation getting in the way of me and fun. hence the cheer. HOWEVER while doing 'research' i found this. something that made me so happy I've got butterflies. (fine, i am easily excited 7 days indoors will do this to you) the name golden hook the concept knitted by nans. THAT RIGHT the french site allows you to design scarf/hat and then choose a gran to knit it for you.
vive le nan x

p.s apologies for no images and the weird ass compute is suffering from being over worked I fear..