Monday, 8 February 2010

the school of life, a brilliant concept. it teaches you actual things you can actually use in your life. not 'how many apples will bob have left if he gives Sarah..'WHO CARES? i want to learn how to hold a good conversation, how to manage my money and how to be cool. something that is definitely missing in my genetic makeup. As well as being really useful, they have a link to a lovely little website the daily aphorisms that send you good humorous quotes..daily.
this one is one of my 'favs'...(i told you about the uncool thing..)

no use crying over spilled milk...

..there is now. Just in the midst of writting a dissertation (hence the lack of posts) and my internet has not been working for a month now, which obviously does not aid the situation. ANYWAY so while 'researching' I came across this little beauty. online magazine called spilled milk beautiful images and really nice articles. check it owt x