Monday, 2 February 2009

Isnt He Clever?

On my cultural vulture inspired trip to London, I visited the Design Museum to see the new Hussein Chalayan exhibition.

Its HAamazing with a lot of people never ridding the confused/awed looks off their faces. If you're free between now and the 24th of April, I suggest you have a butchers for yourself.

Although I had heard and seen a lot about this gentleman's work, I was amazed to learn of the experimentation and imagination he incorporates into his designs. Having established his own label just a year after graduating in 1993 from St.Martins, he is an inspiration to all under grads who are always reminded about the competitive business that is fashion.. Highlights include the dress made up of LED lights, the 'laser' dress and the wallpaper dress.

The presentation of the event is as amazing as the clothes and the concepts. The typography through to aeroplane wings reflect the futuristic themes of the exhibition. AND everyone gets a nice little booklet to page through as you make your way around that you get to keep as a reminder of the work you've seen. yay. (I'm ALL about the freebies)

to sum it all up. HAamazing. AND a good place to people watch, there you go. 2 very good reasons to check it out: p.s for those of you that are students, take the blessing that is the student card to get a discount entry fee.whoo.