Tuesday, 17 August 2010


i like them. dont read enough of them. this is going to change, now i have added these to my ever growing christmas wishlist.PhotobucketPhotobucket
Created by Coralie Bickford-Smith


In another one of my fantastically well spent evenings browsing the web for nothing in particular, I came across this particular something. An illustrator call Katie Turner. My favourite thing in particular, were the boyfriend requirements. although mine are a little different. Photobucket

The other that I liked was the Lady Godiva. rocking some good shades.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

new world cup

bored of the world cup? an interesting article on all the hype. proposing a world cup where teams are divided into star signs, but mainly about the fact that countries and nationalities aren't even real. something to do while the dads insist on watching the highlights and reruns to the game you just watched. once is always enough with football.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


so yeah. one more year has passed.and once again i am fearing just how old i am getting. today will not be fun unfortunately got a HUGE deadline on friday (boo) but these are thing i will be doing today.
1.pancakes (today is no day for regular breakfast.
2. ferris buller. all day. everyday. any day. especially birthday.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

4. no more. : background/ anti depressant music

obviously with ALL the work i have been doing. ive been listening to lots of music. currently LOVING bruce springsteen. and i dont even care who know it.

my husband is in this band angus and julia stone (but not in the video. google him)

peace out

3 is a magic number: sound smart

not even done yet.

motherboard. its a website. its about technology. 'snore' i hear you say? take it back. this this is the coolest damn thing since ice. (yes i just did that, i am allowed to make stoopid sentences, i am hysterical with 'dissertation-itis')

it tells you about all the crazy cool stuff there is going on in the world like interactive graffiti / augmented reality. its also linked with vice. there you go. it is 'cool'

procrastination pt duex: look at this

second instalment;

came across this photographer BELLA HOWARD. she does a lot of stuff for topshop which I am sure you will recognise. thats the least exciting part. check it out, seriously. its fit. promise.

website: http://bellahoward.co.uk/
blog: http://bybellazine.blogspot.com/


procrastination activity 1: get inspired

thats right, final piece of work (ever).
its three in the morning.
minus two weeks to go.
5,000 words still to write before tomorrow.
a website to make.
and a video to shoot.

.....and all i can do is eat/facebook stalk/ procrastinate.

1. Get inspired:

street style blog + facebook + ebay = chictopia

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


found this by google. mais oui. storytelling for the google generation.

which was followed by this spoof

and now google have opened it up to the world. get creating your own search stories

this is dangerous, procrastination is definately my weakness. but for those that dont have a dissertation and app to design. this looks like fun.

Monday, 12 April 2010

MAC donalds, MAC and cheese, bernie MAC

apologies for not actually remotely participating in the blogging world. my life has been for the last 3 months has been a battle of dissertation stress and being disconnected from the Internet. massive boo. BUT i took charge. accepted the fate that was my life as 'a pc' is over and I have purchased a brand new shiny mac. yay.
and so to celebrate a little clip of excellence. i LOVE this man.

happy monday. x

Monday, 8 February 2010

the school of life, a brilliant concept. it teaches you actual things you can actually use in your life. not 'how many apples will bob have left if he gives Sarah..'WHO CARES? i want to learn how to hold a good conversation, how to manage my money and how to be cool. something that is definitely missing in my genetic makeup. As well as being really useful, they have a link to a lovely little website the daily aphorisms that send you good humorous quotes..daily.
this one is one of my 'favs'...(i told you about the uncool thing..)

no use crying over spilled milk...

..there is now. Just in the midst of writting a dissertation (hence the lack of posts) and my internet has not been working for a month now, which obviously does not aid the situation. ANYWAY so while 'researching' I came across this little beauty. online magazine called spilled milk beautiful images and really nice articles. check it owt x

Thursday, 7 January 2010

क्नित्तेद बी नन्स

merry new year.
hope everyone is just as fat and cold as I am, but no regrets. despite all the whining i do love the snow and all the fun stuff that comes with it. regrettably however I have a small thing called a dissertation getting in the way of me and fun. hence the cheer. HOWEVER while doing 'research' i found this. something that made me so happy I've got butterflies. (fine, i am easily excited 7 days indoors will do this to you) the name golden hook the concept knitted by nans. THAT RIGHT the french site allows you to design scarf/hat and then choose a gran to knit it for you.
vive le nan x

p.s apologies for no images and the weird ass title...my compute is suffering from being over worked I fear..