Monday, 30 November 2009

Style PinUp of the Week

As a recent subscriber to love film, the first dvd to arrive through the letter box was that of Themla and Louise. As well as lots of denim and cropped band t shirts the film also features a naked semi naked brad pitt. enough to brighten up anyones friday evening.

As a result of this I have been out and about the charity shop circut, searching high and low for the perfect ladies jean, to destory. I have since made the lucky lee cooper high waisted pair into a lovely pair of shorts *photos to come

Thursday, 19 November 2009

more film fashion

first there was the devil wears prada..then the september issue, now
tom ford has decided to put his input into the world of film. I just watched the trailer. and it most certainly looks promising. who knew these fashion titans had other talents ON TOP of their already amazing fashion skills. makes me feel quite inadequate. and very jealous.

Monday, 16 November 2009

The Google oracle

Still no nearer to completing presentation for dissertation, but fast approaching the world record for 'most efficient procrastination' I have found a very inspiring person on the web. His name Christopher Monro DeLorenzo His many projects include a illustrated keyboard and the very entertaining 'unfinished google search' to see what other people have searched in the past. Questions ranged from a very philosophical 'is there..a god' to 'is there..a way i can get this popular guy pregnant.'

Shoulders are the new black

I was just surfing the net, doing my usual 'doing everything other than dissertation' pass time. and then. wool and the gang appeared. and made my life exciting again. feeding me with more shoulder inspiration. I think its about time I start knitting.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

shoulder pad saga

my obsession with the shoulder has materialised itself in a little craft session, that quickly became another craft session and another.. before I knew it I had spent quite a substantial amount on shoulder/bra pads (the bra pads give a different, stronger more defined shape..also there were no shoulder pads) Velcro and lace.

HOWEVER, as we all know SHOULDERS ARE THE SILHOUETTE of the season, so its an investment. This (what should have been) 1 day project has continued to linger over my head since mid august. there were some complications with the sourcing of materials ON OXFORD STREET of all places, but Ive finally finished them, they really don't take long and don't require much skill, if you would like a go. I am just the queen of procrastination and starting 'projects' that I never finish.
I document my journey. so here we are at the very beginning. (a very good place to start)
bra pad..clearly
the lace..

the laced up 'boob'
which I have attached to a plain white tee.

while I am at it..

other people worth checking out:
wild beasts: good band: good video.

i just cant get enough.

hello, apologies for the lack of blogging, we have had some 'inconviniences' with our internet provider who rather than the allocated 2 weeks instillation it took over a month. thats right 3rd year student with no internet. Its now safe to say the library staff and myself are on first name terms.

AS i was saying, Ellie Goulding. Amazing, saw her on Jools Holland and am now in luff.

Monday, 5 October 2009

follow the white rabbit


I was sent this today by a collegue at work.
It made me happy that there is someone out there that loves disney as much as I do, but they have taken the next step and actually turned their love for the mouse into something quite productive..while i am still daydreaming about how to re create Ariel's gravity defying fringe.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

the girl of my dreams

New September issue of Lula magazine hit the selves ealier last week. And it definately confirmed my belief that my life would be a lot better should I make the leap into becoming a red head.

The issue centres on the rise of the flame haired girl and those who have been proudly waving the banner for this amazing hue of hair.

Needless to say its wonderfully put together by guest editor Karen Elson the photography is beautiful the clothes are beautiful, the hair is beautiful.

All the individuals featured are also of equal amazing ness, a few illustrators caught my eye and made me wish I had some sort of skill like the ability to draw.

This is definately worth having in your collection and reading with a cup of tea and a cup cake/hob nob. And if like me the £6 was quite a stretch (hello, internship running into the 3rd month meet my bank balance or lack of) they have lots of lovely things to look at on the website.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

september is the january is Faaashion

I had yet another 'fashion' weekend this weekend, ending in a grand finale of a viewing of 'The September Issue'. The film by RJ Cutler, was edited with such brilliance that it out lived my expectations..and oh soo much more.

Wintour is amazing, her no nonsense brutality is pure genius. ( granted not for those who it is aimed at, which is almost everyone even Oscar de la Renta) it is this that makes it 'enjoyable' for most audiences not just self confessed obsessives of Wintour/fashion (which evidently are same thing and both come hand in hand) if anything the obsession has been born from the film.

When I heard she was staying at the Ritz (duh) during fashion week, i was tempted to hang around the hope I could see her in action.
viva le vogue

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Who is the fariest one on the wall?

Sarah a curator of stuff has decided that sharing is caring and started her very own ebay-esque shopping mecca/wall for other lovers of stuff and things. Supermarket Sarah does what is says on the tin, her 'wall' changes as new treasures arrive, scroll over items and click on them for details, and buy or let the regret monster get you. I am IN LOVE with the hats...pure LOVE.

doooo it....

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Knitwear brand 'wool and the gang' have brought together the internet/fair trade/ DIY and fluffy warmth all in one.

1.You go on their site(internet), look at all the nice things, narrow down to a few/all choices and order.
2.The package arrives and in it all the equipment and yarns you need (along with tutorials) to knit it yourself (fairtrade/DIY).
3. Watch everyone get jelous and stay really warm, but look cool.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Technology + Graffiti?

The Graffiti Research Laboratory have invented like true pioneers a laser/projector combination for graffiti-ers the world over. The rituals remain the same but less fumes means its 'greener' and no one has to clean it up, but still allows a chanel for the often imaginative and original art work.
Say bye bye to spray cans. Say hello urban communication for the 21st Century.

Visionaire 56 Solar Issue

The new issue of Visionaire Magazine takes advantage of our natural resources rather than the usual technology to make a really cool interactive magazine. Leading the way in using solar power in media forms, good for the world, fun for reader.
The entirely black and white issue busts into colour and life when viewed with direct sunlight.

Reminded me of those paint book from my childhood. when you put water on the page all the colours come out and paints itself. Time to bring those back, recession art, all you need is water.

Strawberry Swing

Coldplay's new video for Strawberry Swing. Nice to see some imagination once in a while especially of the childhood kind, every loves a superhero/chalk/ giant squirrels.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Feathers to Lace and all things nice

These two laydees are single handedly waging war on boring hair days. When what you have just WONT do.

Feathers, Sequins, Jems, Lace and Bow all come together in a glorious concoction for boring hair distraction and look at me fabulousness.

Even if your hair isnt bad these are too good.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Kelsy Genna

Kelsy Genna.

Designer from New Zealand making a name for herself via the means of Etsy. An amazing cocktail of polka dots, candy stripes, floral's, bows and lace. Her dresses are just the right amount of girlie charm perfect for tea parties or in my case, 21st birthdays.
The girl herself is just as charming as her dresses and is clearly dedicated to her business. She pay close attention to even the smallest detailing, right down to the brown paper packaging sprinkles with a large dose of confetti and a wand on the inside. Absolute Perfection.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Isnt He Clever?

On my cultural vulture inspired trip to London, I visited the Design Museum to see the new Hussein Chalayan exhibition.

Its HAamazing with a lot of people never ridding the confused/awed looks off their faces. If you're free between now and the 24th of April, I suggest you have a butchers for yourself.

Although I had heard and seen a lot about this gentleman's work, I was amazed to learn of the experimentation and imagination he incorporates into his designs. Having established his own label just a year after graduating in 1993 from St.Martins, he is an inspiration to all under grads who are always reminded about the competitive business that is fashion.. Highlights include the dress made up of LED lights, the 'laser' dress and the wallpaper dress.

The presentation of the event is as amazing as the clothes and the concepts. The typography through to aeroplane wings reflect the futuristic themes of the exhibition. AND everyone gets a nice little booklet to page through as you make your way around that you get to keep as a reminder of the work you've seen. yay. (I'm ALL about the freebies)

to sum it all up. HAamazing. AND a good place to people watch, there you go. 2 very good reasons to check it out: p.s for those of you that are students, take the blessing that is the student card to get a discount entry fee.whoo.