Wednesday, 23 September 2009

the girl of my dreams

New September issue of Lula magazine hit the selves ealier last week. And it definately confirmed my belief that my life would be a lot better should I make the leap into becoming a red head.

The issue centres on the rise of the flame haired girl and those who have been proudly waving the banner for this amazing hue of hair.

Needless to say its wonderfully put together by guest editor Karen Elson the photography is beautiful the clothes are beautiful, the hair is beautiful.

All the individuals featured are also of equal amazing ness, a few illustrators caught my eye and made me wish I had some sort of skill like the ability to draw.

This is definately worth having in your collection and reading with a cup of tea and a cup cake/hob nob. And if like me the £6 was quite a stretch (hello, internship running into the 3rd month meet my bank balance or lack of) they have lots of lovely things to look at on the website.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

september is the january is Faaashion

I had yet another 'fashion' weekend this weekend, ending in a grand finale of a viewing of 'The September Issue'. The film by RJ Cutler, was edited with such brilliance that it out lived my expectations..and oh soo much more.

Wintour is amazing, her no nonsense brutality is pure genius. ( granted not for those who it is aimed at, which is almost everyone even Oscar de la Renta) it is this that makes it 'enjoyable' for most audiences not just self confessed obsessives of Wintour/fashion (which evidently are same thing and both come hand in hand) if anything the obsession has been born from the film.

When I heard she was staying at the Ritz (duh) during fashion week, i was tempted to hang around the hope I could see her in action.
viva le vogue

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Who is the fariest one on the wall?

Sarah a curator of stuff has decided that sharing is caring and started her very own ebay-esque shopping mecca/wall for other lovers of stuff and things. Supermarket Sarah does what is says on the tin, her 'wall' changes as new treasures arrive, scroll over items and click on them for details, and buy or let the regret monster get you. I am IN LOVE with the hats...pure LOVE.

doooo it....